The Board

You cant just use any old longboard for a long distance trip, there are a couple of things that are useful if you want to complete your trip. The board should be low to the ground to reduce knee bend, It should be lightweight and the wheels should also be big so that you can roll for longer and also roll over any uneven road surfaces.

RollsRolls are the company that make the board that we are using, they make very high quality wooden and carbon fibre boards. Unlike most longboards that are made using machines these boards are hand made in Germany. This means that they are much higher quality and therefore last longer. My original intentions were to do the trip on a carbon fibre Sportster but they persuaded me to use a woody as the flex from the beech deck would provide a far more comfortable platform to skate on. 


The Deck- RollsRolls Woody

Trucks- Randal RII 180

Wheels- Abec 11 97mm Flywheels

Bearings- Bones Swiss Ceramics

Bushings- Venom Downhill 81a – 87a

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