A big thank you to all of our Sponsors, without all of the equipment you have provided we would not have been able to do this trip.


Rolls Rolls

RollsRolls provided us with the decks that we are using for the Trip, they are fantastic boards and they are great for long distances because they are lightweight and low to the ground.


Skateboards of Choice are an online skate shop that have agreed to provide us with all of the wheels that we will need for the trip. The guy who owns the skate shop is called Ed and he is very helpful whenever I call him about the trip. All in all a great skate shop.


Skatehut is a very well known online skate shop and they have sent us shoes, helmets, skate tools and a lot of other equipment that we needed for the trip. They have been very generous and have provided us with a lot of the stuff that we were struggling to get hold of.


Sporting Sails are a very exciting piece of equipment that we have for the trip, It’s basically a sail that you hold behind you when skating downhill that can effectively slow you down without having to footbrake. If you enjoy downhill skating then its a great bit of kit to have.


Randal trucks were the first sponsors that we got. They make great trucks that are very turny, very stable and also pretty much indestructable. They were fantastic on our practice run up in Scotland and they are the perfect long distance truck.


Runbreeze are a running company that makes equipment and clothing for runners. They make incredibly advanced socks that are great for keeping blisters away and improving performance. The owners Jamie and Richard were really helpful and they sent us loads of socks to use for the trip.


Newtons Shred are another shop that has agreed to provide us with some of the equipment. They have agreed to give us all of the hardware and bushings etc. that we would need. It is a great skate shop because it sells alot of the stuff that you can find in America but not in the UK.


Quiksilver is a very well known company and they have agreed to send us some clothes and shoes for the trip. We are very grateful to them as we were struggling to find a sponsor for shoes and clothing and we know that their kit is going to last.


Concrete wave is a Longboarding and Skateboarding magazine in America. Its a really cool magazine and they were really helpful about the trip and about possibly putting a small bit about our trip in their magazine to help us raise more money for the charities.


Vetica sports is a company that specialises in selling skydiving, paragliding and other extreme sports equipment. The owner of the company was very generous and they agreed to provide us with a GoPro headcam so that we could film and take pictures of the trip. They are very helpful and know all of the equipment that they are selling. If you are thinking of getting a GoPro then this is the place to buy it.


Crazy Horse is a bike workshop just around the corner from where I live and they have provided us with a couple sets of bearings for training and also some for the actual trip. They are a very helpful shop and it is a good place to get bearings, grip tape and other hardware etc. They are mainly a bike shop but also sell skateboards and longboards. If you live nearby its a great place to get a new bike or get your old one fixed!


Fitsense Sports

Fitsense is a shop that sells running and cycling equipment. I emailed them to ask for kit for the trip and they agreed to provide us with two base layers to keep us warm and dry. They are a great shop and we are very grateful to them for agreeing to help us.